First Watergates Ltd

If you get an email from someone purporting to be me at a company called First Watergates Ltd, it isn't. It's probably a 419 scam.

Here's an example email one recipient forwarded to me:

Dear [founder's name],

Me and my investment experts have come into conclusion with the review of the email/executive summary you sent and am ready to proceed in providing the capital $750k or 1million required for the project depending on your decision. I will be providing the investment capital as a long term loan / credit facility. It will attract a compound interest of 10% on the principal / capital invested and another 20% share of the net profit at each financial year end for 5years and a 40% equity stake / interest in the business with option to repurchase the 40% equity on liquidating / paying off the loan at maturity. The equity is designed as a cover or collateral / security for the investment capital to be provided for your business. The loan will mature for repayment after five years.

However, the interest of 10% on principal and the 20% net profit share would terminate if loan is repaid before maturity and this would not attract any penalty. At maturity, you will have 18months within which to repay the loan or it will attract additional charges as penalty.

The remaining aspects of these terms will be reflected / captured in details in the business / contract agreement to be signed between the investor and the entrepreneur in the course of the negotiations. These are my terms. Let me know your reactions towards this for us to proceed to the next stage. Thank you.

Paul Graham
First Watergate Ltd