Filtering Research

SpamCop: A Spam Classification & Organization Program
A Bayesian Approach to Filtering Junk E-mail
An Evaluation of Naive Bayesian Anti-Spam Filtering
Naive Bayes vs. Rule Learning in Classification of Email
Filtering Junk E-Mail: A Performance Comparison between Genetic Programming & Naive Bayes
ifile: An Application of Machine Learning to E-mail Filtering
An Empirical Study of the Naive Bayes Classifier
Boosting Trees for Anti-Spam Email Filtering
Gauging Similarity via N-Grams
Bagging and Boosting
Centroid-Based Document Classification
Language Trees and Zipping
Bayesian Whitelisting
An Introduction to Latent Semantic Analysis
WUSTL Bayes Links
ATC Bibliography
Bibliography on Machine Learning for Spam Detection